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Recycled Bucket Takes Top Award!

South Africa’s first multilayer bucket containing PCR!

The inner layer, rim and lid are virgin polypropylene to ensure secure lid fitment and prevent leakage. This is imperative as buckets used for industrial applications such as paint and chemicals must guarantee the safe containment of potentially hazardous contents.

The middle layer of the bucket, however, comprises post-consumer recycled (PCR) polypropylene, which has 70% lower global warming potential than virgin polypropylene.

The fact that the bucket comprises over 40% recycled material significantly reduces its carbon footprint and environmental impact.

This also drives demand for recycled plastic, which in turn increases collection and recycling rates of used polypropylene buckets and containers and helps to drive circular economy.

This mono material polypropylene bucket is also widely recycled at end of life.

All this means less plastic pollution and landfilling, and more economic opportunities for South Africans.

To top it off, the rooftop of the bucket manufacturing facility is covered with enough solar panels to reduce annual carbon emissions by 1,870 tonnes!

This earned the Contan PCR Bucket the prestigious title of “Overall Packaging Winner” at this year’s Gold Pack Awards, in addition to winning the Plastic and the Industrial packaging categories.




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