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Hanger recycling partnership that recovers, re-uses and recycles plastic hangers.
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About Us

Hangerman Hanger Recyclers was established in 1986 as specialists in the recovery, re-use and and recycling of plastic garment hangers for the garment retail industry.

This unique recycling partnership with retail chains offers commercial, social and environmental benefits:

  • Offers attractive savings through the re-use of hangers
  • Brings hope and self esteem to hundreds of physically disadvantaged people that we contract out piece-work to
  • Reduces landfill and saves energy and resources that would otherwise be required to manufacture millions of new hangers each year.  

Located in Cape Town (Retreat), Hangerman Hanger Recyclers is part of the Polyoak Packaging Group.

Our Service

Hangerman offers its partners this highly efficient and useful service.

Collecting: Hangerman collects all the hangers from its retail chain partners that are not given to the consumer with the garment.  The used hangers are collected all around the country.

Sorting: On arrival at our Hangerman recycling centres, the hangers are inspected and sorted for either re-use or recycling. This process reduces the number of plastic hangers going to landfill.

Recovery: Hangers for re-use are cleaned and packed, with a portion of this work given to organisations for the physically and mentally disadvantaged. After rigorous quality inspection they are sold back to garment manufacturers.

Reclaiming: We reclaim the raw material from hangers that can not be re-used. The  metal hooks are removed for recycling. The remaining plastic is crushed and sold for converting into various other products including new hangers. 

Did you know? Plastic hangers that are designed to be robust can be re-used more often, in line with circular economy principles. 

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