Circular Plastics Economy

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What is Circular Economy?

It is a systems solution framework that tackles global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, waste, and pollution.

For plastic packaging this means working together so plastic never becomes waste or pollution in South Africa, by designing and manufacturing packaging to ensure it is widely recycled in practice.

Design for Recycling Guidelines: Explore our best practice design guidelines to ensure your packaging is recycled.

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What are PET bottles recycled into?

Natural (clear) PET bottles have the highest value to collectors for recycling into new bottles in a closed loop system. About 55% of PET beverage bottles are collected for recycling in South Africa already.

Green, brown and non-food PET containers are recycled into strapping, roof insulation and polyester staple fibre or filament used for apparel (clothing), home textiles (duvets, pillows, carpeting), automotive parts (sound insulation, boot linings and seat covers).

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What are tubs and buckets recycled into?

Tubs for ice-cream, spreads and yoghurt are injection moulded using polypropylene (PP) plastic, as are buckets.

Recycled PP is commonly recycled into domestic wares (buckets, brooms, scoops, toilet seats, plant pots and some garment hangers), stationary such as rulers and outdoor furniture.

Recycled PP is not currently suitable for food safe packaging.

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What are dairy bottles recycled into?

Milk, juice and dairy bottles are blow moulded using high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic.  Natural or white HDPE milk bottles have the highest value because they are in high demand to be recycled into new bottles for personal care and detergent products.

Recycled HDPE is commonly recycled into shopping and refuse bags, storage containers and bins, pipes and parts for agricultural, engineering and mining applications. HDPE crates are generally recycled back into new crates.

Recycled HDPE is not currently suitable for food safe packaging.

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