Polypet Modifies Bottle to Medical Nebulizer

Polypet Modifies Bottle to Medical Nebulizer

Polypet’s innovative mindset extends beyond its usual field of expertise, as demonstrated by the launch of its fully recyclable “Polypet Spacer“.

Polypet partnered with the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town to bridge the gap between expensive commercial asthma spacers and the need in low income communities, by creating a custom blow-moulded base with an indentation in the shape of an asthma pump nozzle.

This fulfills the role of a traditional medical spacer and has been accepted by South Africa’s major government hospitals and clinics.

The concept was born a while ago, when holes were physically being cut into PET bottles to allow for an inhaler to be inserted.  This created a unique opportunity for Polypet to purpose-design a solution available at far higher volumes and massively reduced costs, thereby giving communities greater access to medical spacers.


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