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Polyoak Promotes Recycling on Trucks

Polyoak’s trucks have always been highly recognisable on the road with their iconic oak leaf design and ‘Tidy Man’ symbol.

Amidst widespread misinformation about plastic and great confusion about what can be recycled, Polyoak decided to utilise its trucks more creatively as ‘moving billboards’ to help communicate that Polyoak’s packaging is recyclable, meaning it should not end up as litter in the ocean.

Each of its regional fleets now include a few of these special “Turtle Trucks”, as they have affectionately become known.

Polyoak is passionate about the environment and its commitment to extended producer responsibility. As a member of the Global Plastics Associations for Solutions on Marine Litter, Polyoak wanted to highlight that plastic does not belong in the ocean and that more needs to be done to prevent litter and improve recycling.

Give our “Turtle Truck” drivers a special wave when you see them – they are doing an important job to promote recycling!

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