PET Honey Bottles Replace PVC

Polypet launches easy-squeeze PET honey bottle range as a more sustainable alternative to PVC!

Historically PVC has been widely used for honey bottles, despite the filling temperature being suitable for PET. Unfortunately PVC honey bottles look similar to PET which raises the risk of PVC contaminating the PET recycling stream, with potential health risks and equipment damage during recycling.

PVC bottles are also not as widely recycled in South Africa which is why the SA Plastics Pact has added PVC bottles and shrink sleeves to its list of problematic and unnecessary packaging for elimination by the end of 2022.

Therefore, this generic PET honey bottle range presents a significant step forward for the honey category.

Get in touch wit us to find out more.

Did You Know? Neither PVC nor PET honey bottles are designed for microwave use.  If your honey crystalises and hardens, rather immerse the bottle in warm water to melt the honey to pour out.


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