Danone Yoghurt Tubs wins Gold Pack Award 2020!

Dairypack Tubs partnered with Danone to win a Gold Pack Award 2020 for Danone’s fully recyclable Yoghurt Tub Range!

These polypropylene (PP) injection-moulded tubs with PP in-mould labeling replaced its previous pack that was decorated with a PVC shrink sleeve, which meant that it was not recycled in South Africa. 

Three sizes in the tubs range share a common rim diameter to deliver filling line efficiencies The common rim diameter eliminates the need for additional change parts and avoids lost capacity during change overs. This helps improve operational efficiencies on the yoghurt filling line.

The common lid and foil enables pack rationalisation.  The tub’s new rim design rim design improves foil contact when sealing and enables the utilization of a lower gauge foil. Consumers have responded that the lid is also easier to remove.

Most importantly the PP in-mould label replaces the previous non-recyclable, glossy PVC shrink sleeve which means that the Danone Yoghurt Tubs Range is now widely recycled to help grow the circular economy for plastics in South Africa!

Did You Know? 80% of yoghurt tubs are reused in South Africa as convenient storage containers for leftovers, stationary, toys etc.

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