Contan’s OctoGrip™ bucket lid wins Gold Pack Award

Congratulations to our Contan bucket division for winning gold in the household category of the Gold Pack Awards with this OctoGrip™ Lid for 20-litre paint buckets!

This patented fully recyclable polypropylene lid re-closes securely after first opening for colour tinting. Robust tamper band is specially designed for rough supply chains. After band removal, the closure system remains intact with plug, inner seal and eight sturdy locking tabs which secure the lid to prevent accidental spills.

The OctoGrip™ Lid features simple opening instructions which are clearly embossed on the top of the lid, along with a visual device to facilitate opening.

Simply cut and peel away the tamper band to expose its eight locking tabs. Then unclip each one to release the grip, and easily lift the lid off. 

Nothing Grips like an OctoGrip™

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