Child-Resistant Closures win WorldStar Packaging Award 2014

Safe packaging is critical for dangerous chemicals. This inspired African Closures to launch its ISO approved 38mm Child-Resistant Closure.  This  technically reliable solution is low cost, easy to assemble and comes with a built-in tamper evidence system.

This earned it an international WorldStar Packaging Award in 2014, in recognition of its safety functions, which are especially relevant for bottles containing dangerous and potentially hazardous chemicals.

The visual appeal was inspired by contemporary industrial design. The transparent overcap exposes the inner workings of the closure. The knurl detail and angular lines give it a robust appearance and the internal ratchet provides audio confirmation if cap is slipping.

The closure, available in various colours, has been optimised to fit a wide range of 38mm industrial neck bottles and can be supplied assembled or as individual components using our standard spanner to aid application, requiring no downward pressure.

Available with range of seal options: Expanded Polyethylene, Induction Heat Seal, Pressure Seal and Osmosis Seal.

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