C5 Closure

C5 Dairy Closures win WorldStar Packaging Award 2020

African Closures‘ lightweight C5 Dairy Closure won a prestigious WorldStar Packaging Award 2020, in recognition of its contribution to sustainability.

The lightweight closure utilises less plastic meaning more can be packed per carton. This means fewer cartons and truck loads, which significantly saves on secondary packaging, costs and carbon emissions.

The C5 has been designed with a convenient knurl detail on the sides, to allow for better grip and easier opening. The tamper band is folded inward which reduces the amount of torque required for application. The tamper band is also slit to ensure a clean break at first opening and enable the band to drop down visibly to more clearly indicate evidence of tampering. The band remains securely attached to the bottle to reduce littering.

The C5 closure is made from low and high density polyethylene making it fully recyclable. It is compression moulded for improved energy-efficiency and smooth decoration surface without injection points. This increases the surface area available for branding or consumer communications, including requests to consumers to replace cap on bottle for recycling and to eliminate litter.

The C5 closure fits on a diverse range of HDPE bottles from Dairypack in sizes from 250 ml up to 4 L, mainly for dairy and juice products. 

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