Blowpack Enters Large Drum Market

Polyoak Packaging’s specialist industrial packaging division, Blowpack, has started manufacturing large format plastic drums at its advanced facility in Johannesburg.  In keeping with its positioning of being a ‘one-stop-shop’ offering diverse and complete packaging solutions, Blowpack decided to enter the 200-litre+ drum market.

Blowpack’s drum designs meet the dimensions required in the industry, both locally and internationally, ranging in sizes up to 250-litre capacity. It employs advanced multilayer extrusion technology which is not widely available in South Africa.  This enables the inclusion of recycled HDPE material, whilst retaining consistent wall thickness and superior rigidity. The drums are also fully recyclable!

The range of Tight Head Drums are stable, stackable and easy to decant of contents. They are safe for food, as well as sensitive or highly permeable contents, in line with international offerings.  This gives our customers access to world-class containers, whilst supporting local manufacturing jobs and economic growth, instead of having to rely on imports which are costly and unpredictable with delayed shipments.

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